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The Egmanton Villager has now ceased publication but this website will remain open to allow access to past issues and information concerning the village. The editor can still be contacted via the links.
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Meeting April 6th 2017 at Kelham Hall
Attended by;
Councillor Sylvia Michaels (Chair)
John Bower for Egmanton
Village representatives for: Muskham, Upton, Kneesall, Averham, Carlton, Weston, Norwell
Egmanton Issues
1 Dogs
Dog mess and dog noise are not a police issue, and action is in hand with the NSDC.
PCSO Crowhurst reported that a loose dog was also not a matter on which police action could be taken. If the dog was causing a nuisance or was aggressive then that would become a Police matter.
2 Speeding
A speed monitor was requested for Weston Road with Pauline Laughton (Highways Department and Weston Representative). Speed of vehicles leaving the village is also a risk, but PCSO Keith Crowhurst reported that speeding when the delimit sign is visible ahead, was not unusual.
3 Church Roof Lead
John Bower reported the village dissatisfaction with the punishment of the perpetrators, of £200 fine and a conditional discharge, when the damage was £30,000. PCSO Crowhurst agreed this seemed inappropriate but it was a court matter, possibly based on ability to pay.
Other Reports
There had been only one reported burglary since the previous meeting in January.
Norwell reported batteries for electric fencing being stolen
Cromwell reported potential danger on both North bound and South bound slip roads
Fly tipping – soil with asbestos and tile rubble- at several sites was reported.
I reported the unsafe parking of commercial vehicles at the housing development at "Duxbury's farm" on Egmanton Road, Tuxford. Pauline Laughton, who covers NSDC and Bassetlaw would look if there were conditions in the approval conditions.